Sunday, February 22, 2009

Formatting README.rdoc on github

Github has a neat feature that displays a README file, that it finds in the root directory of a project, on the project page. The README formatting page describes a number of different formats that it will render based on the file extension. I tried renaming to README.rdoc but it still rendered as plain text. The trouble was that the file was intended to be used with a full RDOC site for the source. When I removed the "link" tags from the file and pushed ... Github renders it correctly ... Hurrah!


  1. The following code rendered for me ok:

    {demo app}[]

  2. Matt, my problem links were of the form:


    that is, they were RDoc relative links to generated pages that don't exist in Github.

  3. Even without 'link:' I can't get that rendered correctly...

  4. @Schneider: If you have a question I might be able to help.

  5. OK, here it is:
    It can't be rendered well, and there's no 'link:'.

  6. @Schneider: For a README.rdoc to render on github apparently the lines cannot begin with Ruby comment characters. Who knew!